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Katsuya was born in small Miyako island, a part of Okinawa, Japan. He grew up in Naha, capital city of Okinawa. After graduating from Osaka Tsuji Culinary School, went on as apprentice in Osaka and Tokyo as well as working at a first class Okinawa restaurant. In 1984 he moved to U.S. with his wife. After working as a chief chef in Los Angeles local restaurants, decided to become independent. Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles is called "Sushi Ginza" otherwise known as "Sushi Corner" and is highly competitive. Katsu-Ya received high praises for his original Sushi creations. By word of mouth, the reputation spread all over the city. Hollywood Celebrity such as Cameron Diaz and professional athletes became his many regulars. In 2006 Katsu-Ya received highest score from professional restaurant critique publication Zagat. He analyzed eating habits of American public and stepped outside of what is considered to be Japanese cuisine, mixed with California style cuisine. He is responsible for setting a fire to a new Sushi Trend which many other restaurant followed suit. Katsu-Ya is respected among his peers for this accomplishment. In 2007 he was invited by CIA in Napa, CA to give demonstration at their "Rise of Asia" event. Katsuya not only is an accomplished chef but possess keen sense as a business man. Starting in local Los Angeles area, he has an expansion plan to develop other states and Japan.

1997   1st "Katsu-ya" Studio City, CA opened by Katsu-ya Group.
2003   Produced "Koi" West Hollywood, CA.
2004   2nd "Katsu-ya" Encino, CA opened by Katsu-ya Group.
2006 Jun 1st "KATSUYA" by Starck, Brentwood, CA opened with SBE Group.
    Produced "Hyde" lounge Hollywood, CA.
2007 Feb 1st "The Izakay-ya by Katsu-ya" opened West Los Angeles, CA by Katsu-ya Group.
  Oct 2nd "KATSUYA" by Starck, Hollywood, CA opened with SBE Group.
2008 May 3rd "KATSUYA" by Starck, Glendale, CA opened with SBE Group.
  Jun 1st Okinawa cuisine restaurant "Ton ton mi" Kawasaki Japan, opened by Katsu-ya Group Japan.
  Sep Sushi Institute of America, Los Angeles, CA, opened with Mutual Trading Co.
  Dec 1st "Kiwami" Studio City, CA opened by Katsu-ya Group.
2009 Jul 4th "KATSUYA" by Starck, Los Angeles, CA opened with SBE Group.
2010 Jan 2nd "The Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya" opened Manhattan Beach, CA by Katsu-ya Group.
2011 Jun 5th "KATSUYA" by Stark, Laguna Beach, CA opened with SBE Group.
  Aug Katsu-ya Factory Commissary opened by Katsu-ya Group.
2012 Feb 6th "KATSUYA" by Stark, San Diego, CA opened with SBE Group.
  Mar 7th "KATSUYA "by Stark, Houston, TX opened with SBE Group.
  Jun 8th "KATSUYA"by Stark, South Beach, FL opened with SBE Group.
  Jul 1st "The Little Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya" Sherman Oaks, CA opened by Katsu-ya Group.
2013 May 3rd "Katsu-ya" Northridge, CA opened by Katsu-ya Group.